How do you want to work?

Time to consider your options.

What are the choices?

The world of work is changing, fast. While the old nine-to-five, Monday-to-Friday norm is still with us, lots of alternative ways to organise your work time are now out there. These days it’s important to consider how you want to work as well as what you want to do.

New working patterns

Flexible patterns like job sharing, home working, short contract or part-time jobs can work well if you have other commitments, like studying or looking after a family. They could also be good ways to get back into work after taking a break. But flexible working doesn’t always mean working fewer hours. For example, it could refer to a full-time job where you work different shifts from one week to the next.

Across the huge number of client companies and sectors we serve at ASA, just about every conceivable work pattern is available. Some fit with certain sectors better than others, but increasingly recruits find they’re given some element of choice.

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