Temporary Working

What is it?

A temporary job is any job where you don’t have a permanent or fixed-term contract. It could be for a one-off project, or to meet seasonal demand. Temps and freelancers work in almost all sectors - in some industries they’re often called consultants. A temp job can often lead to a permanent position down the line.

Your rights as a temp

You may not get all of the same protection you’d have with a permanent contract, but as a temp you’re entitled to some important rights.

The hours you’re expected to work should be set out when you’re offered the position, you’re entitled to a day off after a week’s work, and after certain qualifying periods you’re entitled to parental and holiday leave, as well as statutory sick pay.

You must be paid at least the national minimum wage, and after 12 weeks you have the equivalent rights to someone who’s permanently employed to do the same job - which might mean you earn more, especially if there’s overtime or bonuses on offer. You also have a right to be informed of new vacancies in the company, which could put you in a good position to apply for a permanent role.

How ASA can help you as a temporary worker

As one of the biggest recruiters in Scotland, ASA can offer temporary work with hundreds of employers across various sectors. When you register with us we give you access to our award winning online work management tool, e-Cruit, to help you manage your working diary to fit around your lifestyle.

We also offer support services, including advice about your rights, and regular industry-specific training programmes.

How ASA works with temps

As with all temp agencies, we act as a third party between the employer and the temporary or contract worker, often handling pay, tax, scheduling and other issues. The employing client tells us when they need temporary staff, giving us details of the skills and qualifications required. Candidates on our database can be contacted and offered assignments. You don’t have to take an assignment when we offer it to you, but we can’t guarantee when another opportunity will become available.

Why temporary work might be right for you

  • Temp work can offer variety. If you’re entering the employment market for the first time or getting back into work after a break, it can be a good way to find out what you want to do in the longer term.
  • Temp work can lead to a permanent job. Not only will you be in a position to hear about possible permanent appointments with your employer, you might also build a network of contacts who’ll help you in the future.
  • Through temp work you can gain new skills, knowledge and experience in a particular sector or role. You may also benefit from on-the-job training, and secure good references for future use.
  • Temporary work doesn’t need to be that temporary. Contracts can last for many months, and in some sectors - such as healthcare - demand is such that temporary workers often move straight from one contract to the next.
  • Offers flexibility. You choose the working pattern that fits around your other commitments such as family or study.