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Static Commercial Gas Engineer
Our client is a leading refrigeration company who are service led, focusing on providing proactive strategies for their clients. The company is growing rapidly, and…
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ASA has an extensive database of candidates built up over many years, and a rich network of clients and contacts. We can thus readily search for more passive talented candidates not necessarily looking to move, to find you the key people you need.

We work hard to really getting to know your business. We can fill roles quickly if you have a short term need, but equally we can work on developing recruitment plans to meet your specific longer term recruitment challenges. Our clients have learnt that recruiting staff is more cost effective and less risky working with ASA than going in-house – not least because we can more quickly access more candidates and as clients incur no charges until the right candidate is successfully placed. Indeed we can go further and offer a rebate should a candidate not work out.

Our experienced consultants bring their knowledge of employment trends, recruitment practices and candidate quality to help clients find the great staff they seek. Time to talk?

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We have been made aware that there are scam messages being sent where the sender impersonates recruiters and recruitment companies. If you receive a suspicious message regarding job offers, please do not engage, click on any link or attachment or make any payments requested.  We never ask jobseekers to pay a fee for our services.