What are the benefits of using a Recruitment Agency?

A recruitment agency is a company which sources talent and looks to fill job vacancies on behalf of external employers.

One of a Recruitment Agency's main selling points is that it takes the recruitment workload off an employer's hands.

There are many benefits for a job seeker too.

They have inside knowledge of the companies who are hiring

Working with HR, hiring managers, line managers and dealing with candidates coming from every company in the market, a well-established and highly respected agency can give you the real insight into a company’s culture and into the job behind the job spec.

They know what you will be asked in your interview

Each company has a unique way of interviewing. They have a different culture, they ask different questions and have their own preferred interview format.

There are specific aspects of the company which are important to understand and provide detail on at an interview stage be it first round, second round or final interview.

Recruitment agency consultants are trained and skilled at obtaining key insights from companies to help prepare their candidates for their interviews. It is also highly likely that they will have put forward or placed other candidates at that company which provides them with further insight and knowledge of the company’s interview process and culture.

They will keep you updated on the process

Candidates may sometimes feel hesitant to contact HR or the line managers to get an update after their interview. As part of the Recruitment Agency’s process they will automatically follow up with the client and debrief the Candidate. The Consultant will provide valuable feedback which will help the Candidate in the next stage or even for their future career.

They will save you time and money

A specialist recruiter is much more than just someone who applies for you. They will also coach and advise you to help you attain your career goals.

They will also ensure that you are contacted as soon as a relevant position is briefed to them.

A Recruitment Agency will get you a better salary that you could get yourself

The Recruitment Agency will know what the company’s budgets are and they will know what other applicants with similar experience and skill sets are looking for. They will also know what other workers in other companies are being paid to do the same job.

Ultimately the market decides on salary levels however a good Recruitment Agency will negotiate the best possible salary for you using key industry knowledge and insight.