We work to create the solution our clients need

Finding the right employee

Good Candidates are not always reading job pages so a proactive specialist approach can make a big difference in finding quality Candidates. Similarly, if an organisation has not been recruiting for a while, assistance with current market salary levels can help attract the right Candidate, and save time.

Saving money

Filtering large numbers of CVs is time consuming and costly. Agencies can generally secure better rates for any advertising required and have the edge in writing copy to attract the applicants you seek. Using an agency to undertake initial interviews can save your Senior Management time and in turn save you money.

Faster & time saving

ASA handles CV screening, managing all the early declines, saving you time. Preparing Candidates for interview, providing feedback on initial interviews, organising and running assessment. The task list is considerable and by carrying this procedural burden, ASA can save your team time and often move the process along faster.


ASA Consultants have a high level of job related expertise, insight into employment trends, effective sourcing, recruitment practices and assessing Candidate quality by virtue of continually helping our Clients find great staff. This market expertise is not so readily open to organisations who are not regularly hiring. At a time when employee rights, and compliance issues are critical, your ASA consultant can help you navigate through these matters.

Risk & cost

As ASA manage the entire employment process we relieve employers of the costs related to re-employment testing, background investigations and other screening e.g. entitlement to work in the UK. In so doing, ASA assume responsibility for complying with all regulations and legal requirements, removing employment risk in this area for Clients.

Large temporary / contract staff pool

ASA has a larger pool of available workers than many employers across the labour market. Employers looking to hire seasonal workers, for example, would need to advertise job openings, interview Candidates and process new hire documentation for a relatively short period of employment. Staffing agencies, on the other hand, may have relationships with workers they’ve already identified as dependable, reliable, and conscientious and who can fill a vacancy in a matter of days, or even hours. ASA maintains a broad network, one from which we can tap potential employees who can fill most temporary positions an employer might be seeking to fill.


Employers who use ASA for temporary staff get an opportunity to observe employee performance, qualifications and work habits before offering the temporary worker a permanent job. This can cut down on turnover once the trial period is complete and both the employee and employer are satisfied the job is a good fit.