Your Misconceptions about Recruitment Agencies is Holding you Back

Many people have preconceived ideas about what recruitment agencies do, how they operate and how they could help you.

Many of these misconceptions are outdated. More and more organisations are realising what assistance agencies can bring to the modern workplace.

Some of these misconceptions include;

  1. It’s expensive – Your time is valuable. Spending time creating adverts, paying for advertising, sifting through responses, selecting candidates, organising and holding interviews, hiring – and if your new recruit doesn’t work out you have to do it all over again. When using an agency like ASA, you don’t pay anything unless you employ one of our candidates. Even then we offer a rebate policy if they don’t work out for peace of mind.
  2. It’s easy to recruit – Recruiting the right person can take time, you need to consider company culture and personality to really successfully hire a long term member of staff. ASA offer extra services, like psychometric testing to ensure the person you are hiring is the right fit. With many companies dealing with fluctuating seasonal demands, they often need many people at short notice, this is very difficult to deliver. Working with an agency with plenty of temporary / contract candidates can be the route to your success.
  3. Agencies don’t have the knowledge to recruit in my sector– Agencies have an enormous amount of knowledge across industries, often placing the same positions for other companies and knowing an abundance of people within those sectors. All of ASA’s consultants focus on a specific industry and many come from that background so have a wealth of experience.
  4. They only work on one job – Recruitment agencies and each Consultant handle large numbers of jobs at any one time. Companies like ASA have large temporary divisions where we place people at volume at short notice, as well as handling permanent appointments.

These preconceived ideas are now being quashed, according to the REC’s Job Outlook September 2015, 98% of hirers planned to increase agency workers in both the short and the medium term. Agencies are often tasked with the more hard to fill roles so it’s impressive that 89% of hirers stated they had been satisfied with the services, including quality of candidates, provided by recruitment agencies.

Many employers now see the benefit agencies can bring by taking away the challenges of recruiting and helping manage parts of their workforce. This leaves them time to focus on improving and growing their businesses.

If you would like a discussion about managing the staffing of your workforce or would like to know more about using a Recruitment Agency please contact ASA.

Sources: REC September Jobs Outlook 2015