Waiting Staff Jobs are Ideal for Students

From high-class establishments to loud noise and late nights.  Waiting and bar staff roles in Hospitality can range in a variety of different ways and offer students an exciting way to earn while they learn, but also provide the chance to network with new and interesting people.

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It’s a great job to have while studying or if you’re looking for a job to support you in-between parts of your course.  Staff are always in demand, no matter what time of the year you’re interested in applying for available positions.  The hours are also flexible, with many companies looking for employees to work evenings and weekends, making it easier to fit work in between your studies.

Waiting and bar staff will be able to work in prosocial environments at a wide range of different and interesting establishments; from sporting and musical events, to high-class hotels and contract catering events.  All of which allow you to network with numerous individuals, while also gaining valuable work experience before applying for permanent full-time roles after your studies.

Waiting staff will be required to show people to their tables, take orders for food and drink, serve them in a polite and precise manner and be attentive to their needs at all times.  Making sure tables are clean and tidy will also be required in order to prepare for the next customers.

For bar staff, creating drinks in a precise and careful manner will be at the forefront of their duties in order to meet customer needs.  In addition, they will also need to take care of bill payments and ensure of a high standard of cleanliness in the bar area on a regular basis.

Excellent customer service skills, as well as an ability to remain calm under pressure, are just two examples of the kind of measures required for working as either a member of waiting or bar staff.  Naturally, you’ll also be required to bear in mind that health and safety is an important part of any work day.

There are a variety of roles that ASA Recruitment have positions for, including bar staff, baristas and waiting staff.  All of which come with their own unique benefits and advantages, depending on the exact type of role and sector.

For those who are looking to take advantage of the waiting staff and bar staff opportunities available in order to support their on-going studies and have experience working in a Hospitality role (restaurants, hotels, cafes, bars, pubs, golf clubs, arenas etc.) make sure you fill out the contact form below.