Values in Recruitment

ASA recently hosted the 1st #TruEdinburgh Recruitment UNConference, aimed at Recruiters, HR Managers and Internal Recruiters.

I hosted a healthy session surrounding the importance of values when working in a recruitment role. Before the event I looked at 12 successful recruitment companies’ values and 31% had integrity and ethics as a value. The group agreed that integrity and honesty were crucial to a healthy working environment and ensuring an excellent customer experience for both Clients and Candidates.

The discussion focused on the importance of embedding values under the skin of a recruitment business. It was agreed that this was more important than being visual on a website or written into a company handbook. Values should be promoted within a business to ensure they are a followed, so staff live and breathe them.

Our group thought that if engaged Recruiters believed in the company values and these were championed in the business through incorporating them into KPI targets etc. this would be a key way to demonstrate ‘living’ them.

At ASA we try to embed our values throughout, letting them influence all elements of the business from; engaging staff to decide the initial values; our induction process; how we conduct our appraisals and having values champions within the business.

In a competitive industry like recruitment your values can set you apart from the competition, so taking some time to establish these in your organisation is vital.

If you would like more information on working with ASA, please feel free to contact us.

Matthew Brown, Regional Director
ASA Recruitment