Stop!! Before You Post That Vacancy – 4 Things to Consider

You have a job opening and you’ve written your job advert, time to post it to a job board and wait for your next hire to appear – easy, quick and cheap right?

Recruiting new staff is never that straightforward. As recruitment experts we have highlighted 4 crucial things you may want to consider, before you start the recruitment process.

1.    Employment Law
Have you informed your staff internally of the new vacancy? By law, all staff need to be informed including those on Maternity leave. Temporary workers who work for you are also entitled to details of job vacancies under Agency Workers Rights (AWR). In most cases, temporary staff are entitled to the same benefits as your permanent members of staff after 12 weeks.

2.    Avoiding discrimination in your ads
Does your advert comply with discrimination legislation? Have you used language that could be construed as gender discrimination?  Salesman, Workman, Waitress, he, she? As well as sexual discrimination you need to ensure you are avoiding age, racial and disability discrimination too. Whether this is indirect or direct, any language that suggests you want a certain group of people to apply, will likely fall foul of the law.

3.    Where are you advertising?
Do you know where best to communicate with your target employees? Most employers use the same approach if it has previously been effective. This can be risky as people today are looking for jobs in different ways. For example, not everyone is on Linkedin and most of those on it are passive job seekers. Job boards are full of active seekers but each different job board targets different sectors and are more prominent in some than in others. Social media is right for some jobs but inappropriate for others. Ideally you would want a mix between different audience channels to provide the best range of applicants.

4.    Is it the most cost effective way to recruit?
Advertising on a job board may seem like the most cost effective way to recruit staff, but your time is valuable. When you consider the time taken to go through all the responses, sift through in the hope of finding some suitable applicants, shortlist potential candidates, organise interviews, select someone etc. many hours have been spent on the vacancy. And if the person doesn’t stay in the job you have to complete the whole process all over again.

Recruiting can be extremely time consuming, risky and sometimes costly. By talking to one of ASA’s Recruitment Consultants you can remove these challenges. We can advertise through various mediums for you, use our large catalogue of job seekers and provide you with CVs that match your requirements free of charge. The only cost associated is where you decide to hire one of the candidates we have supplied. ASA also offer a rebate policy should staff we place not work out. Perhaps it’s worth having a conversation with us before you post that vacancy.