Retaining Staff

Finders Keepers, Losers Weepers

We all know that the turnover in recruitment is high, but we shouldn’t accept the transient nature of the industry as low retention figures are causing growth barriers for a lot of Recruitment Businesses.

ASA recently hosted the 1st  #TruEdinburgh Recruitment UNConference, aimed at Recruiters, HR Managers and Internal Recruiters. My track explored retention in recruitment and from the lively discussions we had, I wanted to summarise the key areas to focus on when trying to improve staff attrition.

·         We need to improve the quality of internal hires to reduce the churn of disillusioned trainees

·         We need to consider key competences which get overlooked – resilience, energy and attitude

·         Leadership, Company culture, training, pay and benefits are all necessary in an equal balance to retain good recruiters

·         Improvements need to be made across the industry improving the incubation phase when recruiting new starts

·         A continuous progression pathway aids the retention of experienced talent & rising stars, allowing a mix of employees to thrive at all levels

Recruitment people and businesses need to become better at recruiting Recruiters, we need talented people with the right attitude & an ability to thrive in a performance based culture. Once a business has a critical mass of top performers others will be attracted to that particular business where they too will prosper.

If you want to find out more about a career in Recruitment, please feel free to contact us.

Ian McHardy, Regional Director
ASA Recruitment