Job Satisfaction: A Catalyst for Change in the Job Market

According to research conducted by Investors In People (IIP) 60% of people in the UK – 17.4 million – are not happy in their current roles.

Most people choose the job they are doing for a combination of reasons. Yet as we reflect on our working lives, job satisfaction is often a key factor when it comes to considering a change of job.

48% of people cited lack of job satisfaction as the main reason for their desire to change positions, with pay coming a close second at 44%. The research showed there has been a 10% increase in people looking to move roles since 2014.

“This exodus is driven by workers that value the wide range of professional and personal benefits that a good employer can bring: career progression, job satisfaction and development of expertise. Employers must carefully consider what they offer their staff; an active jobs market can be a blessing to those who raise the standard of how they treat, train and develop their people.”  Paul Devoy, Head of Investors in People.

With many sectors including IT, Accountancy and Engineering all facing staff shortages, employers must act now to ensure they can retain their talented staff.  It is no surprise that with the labour market tightening, forward thinking employers are reviewing how they keep their employees engaged and ensuring their pay packages are attractive. This is particularly prominent in the Technology sector with many companies like Google and Skyscanner offering great perks including flexible working, free gym memberships (or gyms onsite), enhanced maternity and paternity leave as well as company share schemes.

Establishing better ways to keep staff engaged and helping them derive greater job satisfaction can prove a sound investment.

At the same time with the jobs market being buoyant, now could be a good time to consider your options and see what’s out there should you be unhappy in your current role. Are you valued in your current position? Is it time to move on? If your job satisfaction is waning perhaps it is time to get in touch with ASA.

Press Release ‘60% of UK workers not happy in their jobs’ Investors in People