Have you heard about ku.dos?

At ASA we pride ourselves in promoting training opportunities and advancement for our Consultants. So, we wanted to highlight a new online recruitment training programme for permanent recruiters and headhunters.

ku.dos contains twenty hours of online recruitment training available 24 hours a day on any Wi-Fi compatible device. With projects to do and workbooks to fill in there’s over 60 hours of work for you and your individual staff members to complete. It is the A-Z of both the Candidate & Client recruitment process.

The good news is that for the first 30 days it’s only £1 no matter how many staff you want to access it. The fantastic news is that, as a friend of ASA Recruitment, you get 10% discount for the lifetime of your subscription. So your company’s first 30 days cost just 90p including VAT! Even if you only do Temp or Contract recruitment there’s hours of relevant content within ku.dos too.

Check it out at www.kudos.training

Everything is explained including a detailed session listing. You get FULL access for your 30 day trial. When you want to sign up then, at the checkout, enter the code 47dX9Y8U.

Or, if you want more information on how you can advance your career with ASA, please get in touch.