Flex Appeal

The benefits and experience of Temporary, Agency and Contract workers

Over 1.7 million people in the UK work in some form of temporary employment, and nearly 25% of us will do so at some point in our working life.

Research by the Recruitment & Employment Confederation* has explored the experiences of those who choose to work this way.

It offers:

  • Flexibility
  • Control – ‘I am in charge of what I do and when’
  • Avoids unemployment
  • Quick way to get money
  • Allows you to look after children or family members
  • You have time to pursue your interests – be that studying, starting your own business or kite flying!
  • A means to find work quickly
  • Chance to work fewer hours
  • Supplement the family income
  • Work independently and not be tied to one company

Critically the research found temporary workers find it easier to secure permanent employment than those unemployed and seeking work, so temporary work is often part of a bigger plan.

For these reasons it has plenty of appeal and amidst the economic hardships of the past five years, has offered a route into work for many people. Most people are looking for security, be that:

Job security – keeping a specific job with the same employer
Employment security – possibility of ongoing paid work.
Income security – ability to maintain a stable income through your working life.

And temporary work can help address these needs whilst offering benefits permanent work does not provide.

However some temporary workers find:

  • The job and income insecurity unsettling
  • They do not belong and on occasion are not made welcome
  • As an agency worker they are at the bottom of the pile
  • It is assumed they are perhaps paid more than their full time colleagues and are given harder jobs
  • They have to prove their worth to permanent staff
  • They may not get paid for training, and have to do it in their own time
  • They can occasionally be unclear on pay – e.g. travel expenses

Here at ASA we find our employers really value their temporary workers and for their part, temporary staff generally feel valued and supported by the people they work for and ASA.

If you are interested in learning more register with us and a recruitment consultant will be in touch. Or pop into our office for a chat or call one of offices and a friendly member of staff will answer your questions and tell you how we might be able to help.

Recruitment & Employment Confederation Report
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