Do you make any of these 6 errors when hiring

Recruitment can be a very daunting task as hiring the right people is essential to the future of your business.

We have highlighted some of the most common recruitment errors, which when avoided, can simplify the whole process.

1.    Ignoring the people you have
Sometimes the perfect candidate is sitting right in front of you. By not advertising positions internally, you miss those who are looking for opportunities to progress within the company. You are also ignoring your employees’ professional network to find suitable applicants, as well as wasting time and resources while the ideal candidate may already be sat there.  

2.    Trying to find an exact replica
Employers tend to go for someone who fits the skill set exactly. This neglects to look at advancement and ingenuity. You need to be able to consider room for growth and someone with a 70%/ 80% skill set. People who already fit the specification will get bored quickly and won’t necessary stay long in the post.

3.    Continually using the same sources
If employers have found success from one source they tend to use it repeatedly, this limits the potential of your reach. Not everyone is on Linkedin, those on it are passive job seekers, whereas job boards are full of active seekers. Social Media may be the right place for some, but inappropriate for others. A healthy mix between different sources will provide the best range of applicants.

4.    Vague job descriptions
By not advertising with specific job descriptions, employers receive far too many applicants. This makes shortlisting difficult and time-consuming. Often this leads to an abundance of unqualified candidate applications. By creating a detailed specification from the beginning, you will save time in the long run. 5 great applicants are better than 105 mediocre applicants.

5.    Failure to sell yourself
You need to impress the candidate just as much as they have to impress you. The job market is becoming more candidate driven and there are critical skill shortages in certain key sectors. You need to make candidates aware of where your company is heading and what progress they can make if they take a position with you.

6.    Not involving key personnel in the interview process
It’s important to have those who will be managing the new recruit and potentially someone from their team involved in the process. Company fit is one of the main reasons candidates don’t pass their probation period. Your new recruit needs to fit in with the rest of the team and not disrupt the equilibrium.

Hiring staff is often challenging, costly and time-consuming. ASA are experts in the recruitment business and have been for over 40 years. If you would like more information, are looking for new recruits or need some advice on managing your recruitment process, please get in touch.