Agency Workers in the UK


UK employers faced with a much tighter labour market are increasingly relying on Agency workers to both meet demand and address short term skills shortages. 99% of UK employers plan to hold or increase agency worker numbers over the next quarter. 45% plan to do the same over the medium term.

Strikingly almost half of employers (48%) now use agency workers to reduce costs, whilst 86% use them to provide short term access to strategic skills, suggesting a shift from the recession years.

Technical and Engineering skills remain consistently cited as the gravest shortage, with Construction and Drivers/Logistics staff  in short supply, even in the temp market.  With 45% of employers intending to increase headcount, many will face challenges accessing the volume of workers with the appropriate skills and experience.

As confidence in the strength of the recovery has grown, the percentage of employers where at least one temp has become permanent rose during the second half of 2015. However with the emergence of a growing focus on gaining access to key strategic skills this trend may stall for a while.

If your organisation is facing staffing challenges and is interested in learning more about how Agency workers could help alleviate some of your skills or headcount gaps do get in touch and we will be pleased to provide some guidance.


Sources: Recruitment Employer’s’ Confederation DEC 2015 Jobs Outlook