9 to 5 a thing of the past?

Finding a better work/life balance.

People in the UK work longer hours than anyone in Europe. With advancements in technology we are now able to check in with work 24/7 and time away from the office has been reduced. As the lines betweem the office and home life become blurred, people are now beginning to challenge this.

There are plenty of ways you can make changes so you can spend more time with your family or pursue personal interests. Below are just 5 examples to get you thinking about how you could achieve a better balance.

  1. Request flexible working
    In 2014 legislation was passed that allows anyone the right to request flexible working – regardless of whether you have dependents or not. Flexible working is the simplest way to change your working pattern. Think about your role, could you work from home? Could you condense your working week into 4 days? Could you go part time? If you don’t ask you won’t get.
  2. Retrain
    Most Universities and Colleges offer part time, distance and online courses to help you fit learning around work. The Student Awards Agency Scotland (SAAS) has full details on funding available to students. Depending on your personal circumstances, you may also be entitled to government financial support to assist you as well. Going back to study can seem rather daunting, but it could be the key to giving you new employment options.
  3. Start your own business
    Do you have a passion you have always wanted to pursue? There is plenty of advice out there for business start-ups; membership organisations you can join, funding/ grants available, events and mentoring schemes to assist you along the way. Business Gateway is full of useful information as a starting point. Starting your own business may take up most of your time in the beginning but it could offer you flexibility over when and where you work.
  4. Move jobs
    The job market is now moving towards a more candidate driven market with permanent job vacancies on the rise. Companies are having to do more to impress potential applicants. Do you know what your options are? Are you being paid the market rate? Have you spoken to ASA’s Recruitment Consultants to find out what benefits companies are offering in today’s market? Many companies offer great benefits packages with; flexi time, generous holiday allowances and maternity/ paternity benefits, etc.
  5. Contract Change
    Working on a temporary basis for a company like ASA means you not only choose your hours, but can work in a variety of places, earn holiday pay on your hours worked and take as many or as few shifts as you want. Check out the positions we are advertising at the moment.

Working long hours and unpaid overtime could be a thing of the past if you start planning a way to achieve a better work/ life balance. Some of these suggestions you can act on today, others will take a lot of planning. This list should help you begin to think outside the box and how you can make your employment work for you, if you would like advice on changing careers contact ASA today.