Winning CVs

Your CV is your most important tool to engage recruiters.

It enables you to stand out and professionally communicate who you are and what you can offer a potential employer.

Powerfully and clearly communicate your key abilities – too often when we talk to Candidates it is clear their skills and experience are not fully reflected in their CV.

Layout is vital – it makes for an easy read, demonstrates clear thinking, pride in presentation and attention to detail.

It is the very essence of who you are, what you offer and what you are seeking.

Here are a range of illustrative CVs covering a few different job roles.

We have highlighted a few key points we like about each and hope you find an example and an approach which helps you enhance your CV. 


  • Highlights who the Candidate is, why they want the job and what job they are applying for
  • Provides good specific details  of what they have achieved in their most recent positions
  • Includes details that could be relevant to getting the job, memberships, computer systems etc.
  • Summarises their education briefly but effectively

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Bar person and Student

  • Clear profile which mentions the job advertised and why they are applying
  • Lacking much experience it is good to include positive attributes and skills
  • Even as a student place your employment history before your education

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  • Again the profile includes the position being applied for
  • It lists the person’s education – though it is better for this to follow the employment history
  • Good details are provided on the applicants most recent roles, perhaps could have cited a few successes
  • Highlights clearly training  received

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  • Explains why they want the job
  • Includes good  information on specific IT skills or packages they are familiar with
  • Despite several jobs the applicant keeps the CV to 2 pages
  • Highlights their commitment to training and development through a good list of courses they have attended
  • Clearly laid out

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Manager, Hospitality

  • Highlights well the Candidates strengths and why they would be ideal for the position
  • Includes good  details for their most recent positions
  • It clearly lists recent qualifications/ licences
  • Overall it is both detailed and yet succinct

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Project Manager, Construction

  • Gives a brief summary of their experience and how this applies to the job advertised
  • Provides lots of good specific details regarding their employment experience
  • Includes detailed descriptions of their last 3/4 positions and summarised their early career
  • Be citing voluntary and charity work, demonstrates their ability to apply skills elsewhere

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Senior Project Manager, Business Services

  • A skills based approach to CV writing which is relevant for Senior Project Managers with wide experience
  • Provides a clear set of career successes
  • Details well what was specifically delivered in the most recent 3/4 positions, simply  summarising  earlier career details

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