The Recruitment Journey Process

There are many ways ASA helps Clients at every stage of their journey.

  • We know it’s a time consuming process for you
  • Recruiting without an agency involves lots of Client time & hence cost
  • We agree timelines and service levels
  • We work to make things easy and straightforward for Clients

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1 Building Contact

  • Understand the Client's need and the company
  • Background on the vacancy - eg has the client already been searching?
  • Develop the recruitment strategy
  • Agree a detailed plan with a timeline
  • Agree the service levels
  • Confirm roles and responsibilities

2 Recruitment Kick Off

  • Job specification
  • Use ASA’s extensive CV database
  • Advertise when necessary
  • Salary / package advice
  • Advertise on ASA’s website
  • Consultant interviews
  • Understand Client's regular information needs
  • Promote via social media as required
  • Assessments
  • Prepare a short list

3 Creating Candidate Short List

  • Present short list to client – selling points of each
  • Discuss assessment results
  • Ensure regular Client communication
  • Prepare and arrange Candidates for first interviews
  • Behavioural / STAR interviewing
  • Review of Candidates with Client
  • Arrange 2nd interviews and confirm

4 Selection Process

  • Debriefing with Client post interviews
  • Debrief Candidates post interviews
  • Recommended Candidate and rationale
  • Advice on job offer based on Candidate insights
  • Reference and background checks
  • Make offer

5 Offer Process

  • Offer management
  • Prepare Candidate for resignation
  • Resignation debrief and confirm start date
  • Pre start induction and preparation

6 Onboarding Process

  • Seek feedback from Client and Candidate
  • Stay in touch with Candidate and Client

ASA Commitments to Clients

Having taken the time to listen and understand your needs, we want to be upfront about what we can and cannot do for you.

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