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Temporary and Contract Work

If you are interested in temporary or contract work, ASA can help you. As one of the largest recruiters in this area we have a wide variety of opportunities.  We can offer certain in-house industry specific mandatory training, and provide you access to an easy to use online system - eCruit - to help you notify us of your availability for work and to manage your working hours.

Did you know?

There are some 1.7 million temporary workers in the UK - around 5% of the entire UK workforce
24% of people in the UK have worked as a 'temp' at some point in their life
22% of people who earn over £50k have worked as a temporary agency worker
10% of people in the UK have worked as a contractor.

Source: The Recruitment & Employment Confederation, FlexAppeal report.

Reasons why people choose temporary work

  • Flexibility     
  • To have time for their interests
  • Control      
  • To have a better work life balance
  • To get back to work    
  • Supplement the family income
  • To earn money quickly   
  • To work independently
  • Look after children or a family member
  • For those seeking permanent work, temporary employment proves a good entry route

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