Recruitment Service Options

Hiring is time consuming, costly and not without risks. By acting as an extension of your business, ASA will help you find the right person and take away as much or as little of the hiring task as your time and needs allow. Our service options include:

  • Search & Talent
  • Supporting Clients internal hiring processes – Project PERM
  • Recruitment Processing Outsourcing

Search & Talent

Through consultation we look to understand your business, the profile of the Candidate you seek and develop with you a recruitment plan to deliver you the best hire.

We charge for our services only as the Candidate starts working with you, taking risk out of your consideration. Where you seek further protection against an appointment perhaps not working out, we can offer up to a one year guarantee on a placement under special terms and conditions.

If you are looking for a measure of confidentiality, and an offsite venue for interviews, we can provide meeting facilities.

Project PERM

The recruitment journey involves many steps, beginning with defining the role progressing through to on-boarding your new start. The challenges of sudden or ongoing needs or high volume hiring projects can result in competency or skills gaps in your organisation’s regular recruitment process.

Project PERM is a customisable solution designed to complement your hiring process, by supplementing or filling any parts that need support, without compromising speed, quality or cost.

Recruitment Journey
  • Job Definition
  • Sourcing / Recruiting
  • Screening
  • Assessment / behaviour interviewing
  • Hiring & logistics
  • Employee on boarding
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Job Definition

We will meet the internal Hiring Manager and draw up a job description – working with any internal frameworks, detail the Candidate characteristics sought and develop the description of your benefits package. We will also include a description of the company and the opportunity offered, to start the recruitment process.

Sourcing / Recruiting

ASA will use the job description and Company information provided, to run a Candidate sourcing project with timescales to a mutually agreed budget timescale with clear goals.


Where a client’s seeks support to screen applicants ASA will understand the clients selection criteria review the Candidates who have applied, carrying out background checks as necessary, and come back with a set number of Candidates on the short list with a short profile on each as to why they should be interviewed, strengths and weaknesses.

Assessment & Behavioural Interviewing

ASA can provide a range of assessment tools and run tests to review the Candidates. These can range from psychometrics to online skills tests e.g. in Accounting or Excel. Moreover if you need help with organising and conducting volume interviewing we can provide assistance  from  set up through to handling more senior appointments to reviewing the suitability of Candidates for temporary / short term contract work.

Hiring and Logistics

Once you have identified the right Candidate, there is still plenty of work to be done; from carrying out background checks, preparing an offer, liaising with the preferred Candidate to secure an acceptance, to managing the decline / feedback process with the people who were unsuccessful on this occasion. ASA have processes to work through these tasks efficiently and cost effectively, together with staff experienced in handling some of the sensitive conversations which arise.

Employee On Boarding

Finally especially if you are rapidly adding headcount, managing the pre start, induction, and settling in period for new starts can be onerous. So if you are short of staff ASA can provide experienced people to help with this transition.

Recruitment Process Outsourcing

Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) is a form of business process change. Employers transfer all or part of their recruitment processes to ASA. We then run the recruitment processes to the Client’s requirements, covering methodologies, reporting and are accountable for the results.

Organisations look to RPO to source better staff more quickly. ASA can help streamline recruiting processes and improve Candidate quality. We can readily help scale up recruitment for busy trading periods. Additionally, operational complexity, cost and risk are reduced. Working with ASA Recruitment Process Outsourcing delivers a strategic advantage through these benefits.

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