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eCruit – ASA’s online flexible staffing management tool


An online portal for Clients to lodge shift requirements, check staffing levels, billings, budgets and a means for temporary workers to record availability and check their working hours.

The Challenge

Managing a growing/ changing group of temporary workers, often across multiple sites, ensuring all the administration of timesheets, pay rates, weekly pay, budget reporting and management information is accurate and timely is difficult. This information is rarely held in one place, but often recorded in various spreadsheets and long email trails.

ASA Solution

We work with Clients to understand their temporary worker needs, budgets, and processes.

We then find the staff you need. We will transfer any of your existing temporary staff across to our systems, meet, assess, and prescreen new staff, whilst also drawing on our extensive pool of temporary workers to ensure you have the people you need at the times you need them.

ASA arrange all the payroll and deal with the tax and holiday pay items.

Our online workforce management tool for Clients, offers an easy way to book, evaluate and manage your temporary/ contract staff.

  • Using our easy to use online portal - eCruit- Clients save time and money.
  • Enables online interaction improving speed of communication.
  • Offers control of your contract/ vacancy/ shift management in one place.
  • Provides an easy job/ shift order process- Being able to immediately see a list of your job requests - including those by colleagues.
  • View which Candidate is contracted/ booked in for which job/ shift.
  • Check what vacancies or bookings are outstanding.
  • Review previous Candidates.
  • View and authorise timesheets.
  • Update contact records – email addresses, key contact details, etc.
  • Access management information, spend by category of worker, fill rate reports, order reasons and payroll data.
  • Manage budgets centrally.

ASA provides onsite training to Hiring Managers and work with your team to ensure eCruit delivers efficiencies to improve your organisation’s temporary staff management.

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